Handcrafted Miao Jewelry Mother's Day Love Gift Bundle: Limited Edition

Share your love and appreciation this Mother's Day with a distinctive and rare collection of handmade Miao jewelry – only 4 bundles available!

💝 Treat your mom to a memorable and unique gift this Mother's Day with our limited-edition Love Gift Bundle, featuring an exceptional selection of handcrafted Miao jewelry.

🪡 These extraordinary pieces, crafted by skilled Miao artisans, embody the essence of Miao culture and showcase delicate batik and hand-embroidery techniques.

⏰ With just four of these exclusive bundles up for grabs, seize this opportunity to present a gift that is truly unmatched.

Love Gift Bundle Contents:

  1. Two exquisite handmade Embroidery & Batik Fabric Miao Silver Earrings (Valued at $122 CAD)
  2. Two stunning Handmade Embroidery & Batik Fabric Miao Silver Rings (Valued at $76 CAD)
  3. One elegant Hand Drawn & Dyed Batik Fabric Miao Silver Bangle (Valued at $71 CAD)
  4. One gorgeous Hand-Embroidered Miao Sliver Necklace (Valued at $69 CAD)
  5. BONUS: A pair of delightful Handmade Real Dried Flower Drop Earrings (Valued at $59 CAD)
  6. BONUS: A pair of distinctive Ethnic Fabric Beaded Tassel Earrings (Valued at $39 CAD)
  7. BONUS: It&itself digital Gift Card (Valued at $50 CAD)


  • FREE shipping with tracking number
  • A personalized Mother's Day card
  • Luxurious jewelry boxes and bags
  • Gift decoration materials with a premium gift box
Total value: Over $600 CAD, Including tax!
But NOW...
Your Special Offer (only four bundles available): $289 CAD

Give your mom the ultimate Mother's Day surprise with our limited-edition Love Gift Bundle. Order now to secure this rare and exceptional gift!

Exclusive Love Gift Bundle Features:

  • Limited Availability: With just four Love Gift Bundles on offer, this is your chance to gift something truly exceptional.

  • Artisan Selection: Our skilled Miao artisans have handpicked each piece, ensuring a bundle that is both unique and beautiful.

  • Delightful Presentation: Experience the joy of gifting with our elegant packaging, personalized card, and bonus items.

  • Cherished Memories: Make this Mother's Day unforgettable with a gift that combines artistry, heritage, and love.

Gift Bundle FAQs

Can I personalize the Mother's Day card included in the Love Gift Bundle?

Yes, you can personalize the Mother's Day card included in the Love Bundle. When placing your order, please provide the desired message for the card, and we will ensure that it is beautifully written to create a special and meaningful gift.

Are there any additional costs, such as shipping or taxes?

The price of the Love Gift Bundle, $289 CAD, includes all applicable taxes. Moreover, we offer FREE shipping with tracking number for all Love Bundle orders. There are no additional costs or hidden fees.

Is there a guarantee or return policy for the Love Gift Bundle?

We are confident that your mother will be thrilled with the Love Bundle. If, for any reason, she is not completely satisfied with her gift, simply contact our customer support team info@itanditself.com within 30 days of purchase, and we will happily issue a full refund. Please make sure that the products are not washed, damaged or show signs of wear. 

How long will it take for my Love Gift Bundle to arrive after I place my order?

We understand the importance of timely delivery, especially for special occasions like Mother's Day. We will choose the fastest shipping method available, depending on the destination country. For Canada, the delivery time is typically 1 to 2 days. For the USA and Australia, the delivery time ranges from 3 to 10 days. Please note that these are estimated delivery times and may vary depending on the specific shipping situation.

Can I choose the specific jewelry pieces included in the Love Bundle?

The Love Bundle has been carefully curated by our skilled Miao artisans to provide a unique and exclusive selection of jewelry pieces. As a result, customers cannot choose the specific pieces included in the bundle. However, you can trust that each bundle will contain exquisite, one-of-a-kind items that showcase the rich cultural heritage of the Miao people.