Batik is a visual language that tells the Miao people’s cultural, religious and historical story to the outside world.



The process of making batik fabrics is rather elaborate. Using beeswax-drawing pens, the Miao women draw various patterns of plants and animals on self-weaved cloth in freehand without any sketches. 



Next, the cloth is dyed with indigo in cold water. After dyeing, the fabrics are put into hot water to remove the beeswax. Once the wax has been removed, beautiful white lines and shapes will appear in places, which are covered by the wax.



The process is repeated a few times to create the complicated and subtle patterns. One piece of Miao batik fabric takes 3 months to be created.

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Ethnic Art as a Symbol of
the Cultural Heritage of the Miao People

Whether you are learning about the Miao people for the first time through our blog or are familiar with their culture and heritage already, ethnic art and the Miao people crafts are a symbol of their culture.