Who We Are

Stay Different.
Stay Unpredictable.

At it&itself Jewelry, we are passionate to show you how the traditional culture and art of ethnic minorities have embraced modern elements to create a unique fashion style.

Our Goal

Uphold The Traditional Craft Techniques

Here at it&itself Jewelry, our goal is to uphold the traditional craft techniques which have been part of the Miao ethnic minority’s culture for over 2,000 years.

Our Hope

Increasing Awareness

These techniques have been rapidly lost over the years, so our hope is to continue this tradition by increasing awareness about this form of ethnic jewelry.

We work with

The Miao Artisan

Our company is based in Toronto, Canada, but works with the Miao artisan in remote China to create each one-of-a-kind piece you’ll find in our collections.

Unique designs and creations

Represent The Historical Traditions Of Their Culture

Each item of jewelry features either a batik or embroidered pattern, which are part of the Miao people crafts that are passed down through the generations of women in their families. 

We are excited to showcase these unique designs and creations, which represent the historical traditions of their culture.

Of course, we understand that our customers are looking for jewelry pieces that can be incorporated into their daily life, so we occasionally add modern influences to these pieces.

You’ll find it incredibly easy to add any of the jewelry on our site into your current wardrobe, and all of our items can be worn on a daily basis.

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