Whether you’ve recently been gifted a piece of artisan jewelry from our collection or are thinking about buying something from our site today, you might be wondering how is best to style these items.
Keep reading for our top style tips for adding Miao people crafts and jewelry into your wardrobe.


Suitable for All Occasions

One of the things we love the most about our jewelry collection is how versatile it is.
You don’t need to worry about when and where you can wear your new bangle or earrings, and you can add it to a casual outfit or something more formal.
If you are looking for something really bold to add to your outfit, consider our hand embroidered jewelry, which is ideal for the upcoming summer months.


Let Your Jewelry Steal the Spotlight

Instead of focusing on the clothing you are wearing, let your jewelry be the central focus of your outfit for the day.
Our pieces all have unique and intricate patterns, incorporating a wide range of vibrant colors into the mix.
You’ll want to pair these with a neutral-colored outfit so that your jewelry stands out from everything else you have on.


Focus on One Statement Item

The great thing about the jewelry of the Miao people is how much each item stands out.
For that reason, we recommend focusing on just one item of jewelry each day.
Too many clashing patterns can be overwhelming for anyone who encounters them, so avoid this by sticking to one statement pair of earrings or a bangle.

Our jewelry collection is so easy to incorporate into your daily wardrobe, and regardless of your personal style and tastes, you’ll find something to suit your needs.
Make sure you visit us again soon to learn more about how to style your new artisan jewelry purchase with ease.

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