The Miao (Hmong) ethnic group has a long history that dates back to the Qin Dynasty, around the third century B.C.E, and is a distinct and fascinating part of the diverse tapestry of Chinese ethnic groups.
The Miao people are one of the oldest ethnic minorities in China and their fascinating customs, elaborate dress and remarkable festivals are a reflection of their enduring legacy.
If you’re taking a tour though south China, the Miao villages are certainly a must-see.



The Miao people are great believers in animism and shamanism.
Animism is the spiritual belief that non-human entities, such as animals, plants, inanimate objects and natural phenomena, possess a spiritual essence while shamanism is the belief that certain people, known as shamans, can interact with the spirit world in a meaningful way.




The Miao believe they are descended from the Butterfly Mother, who laid 12 eggs, one of which hatched and became the Miao people.
The rest of the eggs hatched and became the other creatures on earth, who the Butterfly Mother created so that the Miao would not be lonely. All lovers of nature would adore the culture and art of the Miao. 


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Ethnic Art as a Symbol of
the Cultural Heritage of the Miao People

Whether you are learning about the Miao people for the first time through our blog or are familiar with their culture and heritage already, ethnic art and the Miao people crafts are a symbol of their culture.