The craftwork of the Miao people is particularly magnificent. Miao men are accomplished at silverwork and all of the silver adornments worn by the Miao women will have been made by Miao silversmiths. Miao women’s skill at embroidery is renowned throughout China and the Miao women embroider all of their own clothes.
The patterns and figures embroidered on clothing and jewelry are based partly on the natural world but also partly on the artists’ imagination. This is why dragons and phoenixes also feature in many designs and why certain animals, such as fish and birds, and plants will look different compared to how they appear in real life.

Miao embroidery is famed for its delicacy, imaginative designs and use of vibrant color. Red and green are prominent, and other colors include yellow, orange, bright blue, and white, usually on a blue or black background.
Miao embroidery involves several different unique and complex stitches that give it a special look, very different from traditional Han Chinese embroidery. The most common stitch is the “satin stitch,” which gives a shimmery effect from tightly woven threads of the same color. Elaborate geometric cross-stitch patterns are also common. The braid-stitch is a difficult stitch that is achieved by braiding different colored threads together and affixing them to a background in various patterns. 
The Miao jewelry in our store are 100% hand embroidered by the Miao people. The embroidery pattern on each jewelry is one-of-a-kind!

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Ethnic Art as a Symbol of
the Cultural Heritage of the Miao People

Whether you are learning about the Miao people for the first time through our blog or are familiar with their culture and heritage already, ethnic art and the Miao people crafts are a symbol of their culture.