Hand Dyed Batik Fabric Adjustable Rings

$38.00 CAD

Upholding the Traditions of the Miao People

While we’ve previously looked at the history of the Miao people, one of our top priorities here at it&itself Jewelry is upholding the traditions of this ethnic group through each of our jewelry pieces.

Each of the items in our collection is 100% handmade, created by skilled artisans who reside in Southwest China. They still use the ancient techniques which have been passed down from generation to generation.

100% Handmade

Our pieces are hand crafted with love by the Miao artisans in Southwest China using ancient techniques and time-honored skills.

One of a kind

No two pieces look exactly the same. Our collections include a stunning range of hand-embroidered & hand-drawn patterns.

Ethnically sourced

Our team has contributed to sustainable changes in the Miao villages through empowerment and work opportunities.


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